YVS Portfolio

Young Voices Studio was set up as a fansite, but It grew into something more, and became a gateway for young new rising talent, helping to launch many stars.

Young Voices Studio

Young Voices Studio was originally set up as a hobby site to showcase My stars, their films, basicly a fansite, this was in early days (1998) and getting noticed on net was still in early stages.

But the site took off when I noticed a hole in the market. Talent abroad or UK where not easily noticed, so I decided to look around and noticed other sites that where trying to promote talent, so I diped in and created YVS, a gateway for stars to get noticed, idea mainly for UK stars and USA stars to get noticed in UK/USA. So with 5 stars that where starting to appear in limelight and noticed I created a page, with access to further information, facts, stats, gallery and links to other sources related to them Using polls, competitions and google Anaylytic I becam to promote the site and talent. This continued to creating a number of showcases,

Talent was from Disney Channel, Films / TV Britains Got talent and other Reality Contets

YVS Work Skills

  • • Promote talent and content through various media, channels and a variety of avenues As well as the webpage, I continually promoted the talent and page through Competitions, poll and regular shouts through forums, other sites, email and groups. I also created Talent showcase through images galleries and Video.

  • 6Continuously searching for new talent through various communications in Chat and groups, also emails. Also scouring talent shows, programs like

    • Bitains / America Got Talent
    • Junior Eurovision
    • Other talent shows


  • • Develop and manage online digital marketing for Young Voices Studio. Effectively driving brand awareness, engagement and traffic to social pages, website and online forums.